Saturday Field Trip

We took an unusual field trip yesterday - a pilgrimage to Galco's Soda Pop Stop, which is a grocery store in LA that sells over 450 soda pops from around the world. I'd heard about it on NPR a couple months ago. It was totally worth the trip - pure bottled fun. We each picked out a couple bottles to take home; I made a beeline for the original recipe Dr Pepper from Dublin, Texas. It's made with cane sugar instead of corn syrup, and boy can you taste the difference. It is sooo tasty. Unfortunately, Juliette cannot handle when I drink more than a sip of soda. The wee amount of caffeine in my coffee every morning doesn't faze her, but every time I drink pop she ends up wide awake and fussy when bedtime comes around. I'll be saving the rest of my six pack for the post-nursing era... and then it might be time for another trip to Galco's.

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