Ten on Tuesday

1. Juliette and I just returned from Arlington/Washington DC after a week full of wonderful people: the Dillow family, my mama, and the lovely ladies of the Young Clergywomen preaching conference.

2. It's tomato season! I'm eating tomatoes like they're going out of season. Which I suppose they will be, soon. I ate a whole bunch in Virginia, and came home to a decent crop in California. The Tigerella and Ace tomatoes have been best; sadly, the Juliets weren't anything to write home about. Maybe if they had the extra "te" we would plant them again anyway.

3. I've sort of known about Soule Mama, but didn't explore it until after perusing E's copy of The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule. I'm hooked on all things Waldorfy right now, even though I'm not likely to go whole hog.

4. I've been using the phrase "whole hog" altogether too much lately.

5. I missed my 10 year high school reunion, which was last weekend. It would have been nice to go, although the flurry of Facebook activity amongst the class of 1998 has made up for it.

6. I love my church. Have I mentioned that before? I serve a really wonderful church.

7. The new Over the Rhine CD came while I was gone, and I still haven't listened to it. Our stereo has conked out, which I suppose isn't entirely unexpected, seeing as how it was a graduation present and I graduated TEN WHOLE YEARS ago.

8. Still haven't bought a loaf of bread, even though I had two unfortunate bread machine incidents in a row. Completely inedible, whatever mistakes I made.

9. That being said, I stopped working out the same week I bought the bread machine. So not a good combination.

10. The fourth anniversary of this blog came and went a couple weeks ago. Happy birthday, adbc!

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