Still Here

Gosh, this blog has gotten stale. In the time since I last posted, Juliette learned how to clap and crawl (on the same day). She uses the furniture to pull herself up to standing, and she loves to "walk" holding our hands. I finally put photos in albums - and I put together a freebie Shutterfly hardcover book celebrating J's first eight months. On the church front, we had a congregational retreat (lots of work, but worth it) and an animal blessing. On the home front, we've cooked, cleaned, rejoiced at the return of all the good TV shows, and watched some great movies (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which I loved equally yet for very different reasons).

Maybe now that we're relatively caught up, maybe I'll start posting again. When I realized that Marie has posted way more than I have in the midst of an interstate move, I felt like it was maybe time to send out an update.

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