Ten on Tuesday

1. I have a new cell phone. This is extraordinarily exciting news, not only for me but for the people with whom I converse, as most of my conversations lately have ended with my cell phone dying mid-sentence. I'm too cheap to buy a new battery two months before I'm due for an upgrade.

2. My father-in-law has been sharpening his photography skills. He took some recent pictures in Seattle that are really, really good. I'm hoping he'll give me some lessons when they visit later this year.

3. I selected all our hymns through Epiphany today, plus planned out the Advent candle liturgies. It was a productive day...

4. ... Though if I'm to be honest, I was really just stalling writing my sermon on the parable of the talents.

5. I'm trying to go cold turkey on cable news shows, which I got totally hooked on during election season. One exception: I really like The Rachel Maddow Show, and will try to catch as much of it as my early evenings allow. Ms. Maddow is whipsmart and funny and just the teensiest bit snarky, and I love her commentaries on the news.

6. Tonight on the aforementioned RMS, I learned about an initiative to help veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan: Community of Veterans, which was described by the spokesperson as "Facebook for Vets." This strikes me as such a good and necessary idea.

7. Ben and I saw a movie the other day. TOGETHER.

8. My friend Sara was the kind and generous babysitter that made the movie outing happen. In addition to being a super-talented singer-songwriter, Sara is a music therapist. She does free Music Mondays at the Redondo Beach Public Library once a month, and yesterday I slipped out of the office for a little bit to take Juliette. An astonishing number of babies and their mamas come to Music Mondays. As soon as we walked in, Juliette saw Sara up at the front and started smiling and clapping (she adores Sara). And then she slowly realized that there were fifty other kids smiling and clapping at Sara. A look passed over her face that communicated something to the effect of, "Dude, my friend is a celebrity!"

9. Speaking of another super-talented singer-songwriter (and jewelry-maker), I officiated at Allison Sattinger's wedding last month. She and her Anthony are so right for each other, and it was such an honor to be a part of their wedding.

10. Happy Veteran's Day!

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