Ten on... Thursday

1. So, I couldn't face Juliette's first Christmas without a camera, and since my Canon Rebel was going to be pretty expensive to fix, we scoured the internet for a deal on a body-only Canon Rebel Xt. So much for not buying ourselves Christmas gifts this year. Hey, we're helping the economy, right? It should be here in a few days. I'm thinking that I'll pay it off in spirit by doing a photo-a-day project.

2. Juliette is walking. At ten months. She clearly has Ben's walking genes. She's not very quick yet, and does most of her getting around on all fours. But she's definitely walking.

3. Lately, there have been a spate of blog-closings and posts about potential blog-closings. I think about closing my blog down, too. But then I don't.

4. The other day I made a pot of Suzanne's sausage-bean soup with dried, soaked, and boiled beans instead of canned beans. I've always though bean-soaking would be a hassle I'm too lazy to do, but it really wasn't. Sort of like the equivalent of taking something out of the freezer to defrost. So maybe we'll pay that Canon off with all the money we'll save by passing on the canned beans.

5. Here's a penny-saving tip. In the months since we've been making our own bread, we've gone through lots of bags of flour and one and a half jars of yeast. We're still on the same box of dried milk, though. It's cheap, a little goes a long way, and you would never know that baked goods were made with dried instead of fresh milk. I don't do a lot of non-bread baking, but the next time a recipe calls for milk, I'm reaching for the dried version.

6. We had a bird in our house on Sunday morning. More accurately, Ben let a bird into our house on Sunday morning - even though he noticed it flying around in the garage, he did not immediately shut the door to the house. He got it out with a broom and an impressive whistle display. As Juliette and I hung out in her bedroom during the de-birding (with the door closed, thankyouverymuch), I had a flashback of when a bird came into the house when I was little. My mother ushered us all into Elizabeth's room with our bowls of Kraft Dinner (Willis for macaroni and cheese). I remember how utterly weird it was to eat dinner there, especially since I, as a bratty little sister, wasn't allowed in there very often.

7. My mother, an aspiring writer, is doing a wonderful blog series about her aunts. So far she's written about Alice and Sylvia. Today she posted one of my most favorite photographs ever, a picture of all six Stewart children. L-R are Marie, Alice, Marian, Howard, Sylvia and Austa.
Beyond the obvious reasons to love this photograph (family history, etc.), I also love that all the skirts are almost exactly the same length. It makes me want to change out of my chinos into a swishy skirt.

8. I adore Advent. And adoring Advent means adoring Advent sermons. I'm almost finished with this week's. This is by far my favorite liturgical season.

9. Have you read Soule Mama? It's Amanda Blake Soule's blog about family, crafts, unschooling, and other such things. I can't get enough of it all of a sudden. I'm so drawn to the crunchy-granola vibe. I aspire to greater crunchiness.

10. O, happy day. Over the Rhine is coming to down with their Christmas show on Saturday night. But wait! It gets better! O, happy WEEKEND. I got some inside information about a semi-private show at Fuller Seminary on Sunday night. Which means I get to take M & D, since they'll be in town for a visit. I haven't been to an OtR show with my parents since the Brady's Cafe show in 2001.

Happy Thursday, y'all!

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