Ten on Tuesday

1. I have discovered a marvelous bread recipe. A little sweet, with a cinnamon kick, and soooo yummy. I have no idea why it is called WHO bread, though. Unfortunately, my Christmas Day French Bread weighed more than Juliette and had an impenetrable crust. There is definitely lots of room for human error in bread baking, even with the benefit of my beloved machine.

2. Juliette likes to walk around carrying When I Was Young in the Mountains by Cynthia Rylant. I loved that book when I was little, too.

3. In an effort to improve my photography skills, I'm going to do a photo-a-week in 2009. I'm especially inspired by Mindi's 52 Weeks of Happy, so perhaps said photos will even be joyful in some way. I haven't figured out where and when I'm going to post them... maybe here on Fridays, maybe Flickr. We'll see.

4. Ben has selected his project for 2009: he's going to bake a pie a month. I am sooo not complaining about this endeavor! He's been warming up with a few holiday apple pies, and he either has beginner's luck or serious pie-baking talent. Yum.

5. The Toddler turned eleven months on Christmas Eve. She received a beautiful dress from a family at church. Here she is walking around with her beloved drum sticks, a gift from Grandpa...

And here's her official eleven month photo:She's a little miffed that she didn't receive the number one item on her Santa wish list - hair. Maybe for her birthday.

6. I read almost 50 books in 2008 - if I'd finished a few clunkers, it would have been 50 even. I'm not setting a goal for 2009, but I'll probably count again at the end of the year, out of curiosity.

7. As for another year-end practice, here's a year in first lines for any day a beautiful change - i.e., the first sentence of each month.

January: I only read about half of my 2007 booklist, as I ended up reading a whole bunch more that weren't on the list.

February: Ben returned to work today.

March: Sunday morning went rather well.

April: Google didn't get me this year, but man oh man, Marketplace just did.

May: I got what I wanted for Mother's Day - six tomato plants and a page of poems from Ben.

June: I don't particularly like dinosaurs.

July: One of my childhood pastors was female.

August: We took an unusual field trip yesterday - a pilgrimage to Galco's Soda Pop Stop, which is a grocery store in LA that sells over 450 soda pops from around the world.

September: I am getting hooked on Politico.

October: Gosh, this blog has gotten stale.

November: All the cool kids have those fake plastic cell phones.

December: So, I couldn't face Juliette's first Christmas without a camera, and since my Canon Rebel was going to be pretty expensive to fix, we scoured the internet for a deal on a body-only Canon Rebel Xt.

8. What a year.

9. Tomorrow is Ben's birthday. We have a fun day planned: Amoeba Music and lunch out and a dinner and games night at home with friends. Which means I'll probably end up writing my sermon on New Years Day, but isn't what you do on New Years supposed to be indicative of what you'll be doing all year long, anyway?

10. Happy New Year!

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