Ten on Tuesday

1. I've started my photo-a-week project. I'm uploading them to my Flickr account, and there is a box in the sidebar which will display the most recent photo.

2. This early baby name list turned up in Juliette's room the other day: This must have been made prior to the day when I was five months pregnant and suddenly knew that the baby's name was Juliette Louise. Before that, we were sort of wavering because we didn't think the nickname Julie sounded good with our last name. The other funny thing about this list is, of course, Ben's suggestion, Crying Sadness. He had written Dolores Louise down, which is a lovely name, but I nixed it because it means sorrow. He handed the list back to me with the new possibility. I think that was the end of the baby name discussion for that night.

3. Juliette started walking December 1st. This was taken December 4th. She's fast and furious these days.
(Practically) First Steps from Katherine P. on Vimeo.

4. Erica sent me an email yesterday about how the new toy safety legislation will affect the handmade, natural toy companies that have not been mass-producing lead- and phthalate-ridden toys. The big companies can absorb the costs of the new mandatory testing; the little companies will likely go under. It makes me sad and mad. The Handmaid Toy Association is organizing a petition and encouraging people to contact their congressional representatives. Visit their website to learn more.

5. I received a classic letter from my Mama yesterday, full of completely random media clippings that don't make sense until you read the accompanying letter, which was written on a photocopy of a picture of my uncle when he was a baby. It reminded me of the package we got in December, which included a couple Christmas gifts and six individually bagged servings of oatmeal, so she would have proper breakfasts during her upcoming visit. Because we don't have oatmeal in California...? Tee hee.

6. Speaking of their visit...
Reason #1,742 We Miss Grandma and Grandpa from Katherine P. on Vimeo.

7. I got a haircut on Sunday afternoon from a stylist who looked like she wasn't old enough to drive. I immediately related to her, recalling the days when I used to be accused of being a nineteen-year-old pastor. While she was shampooing my hair with those delectable Aveda products (50% off coupon meant I got to go to the swanky place), I was debating whether or not I should commiserate with her. But then I decided the best commiseration of all would be to not say a word. (I should also admit that for a moment I wondered if she would know what she was doing, and guiltily realized that if people entrust me to lead funerals and such, I could certainly give her the honor of trimming my bangs.)

8. I'm not preaching Sunday. Oh, it feels good.

9. I am thinking about participating in this really cool project my sister told me about. The American Folklife Center of the Library of Congress is encouraging preachers to record sermons that comment on the historical nature of the 2009 Presidential Inauguration. Calling all preachers...

10. Happy Epiphany!

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