Another Bout of Back Pain

My back is out. It isn't the same spasmodic thing that has beset me before. This time around, it's a pinched nerve that radiates pain all the way down my neck and spine, and even sometimes throughout my left arm. I can hardly move my head, and if I'm not careful I clench my shoulders up and make it worse. The good thing is that unlike the spasms, which affect me no matter what I do, I'm generally not in too much pain so long as I'm lying down. So I've been lying down most of the day, alternately reading sermon commentaries and The Other Boleyn Girl. It stinks to feel so useless.

It feels like tradition to blog about my spinal misfortunes...

On a lighter note, Ben took Juliette to Trader Joe's today, and she is having a blast with her orange TJ's balloon. She is such a happy kid.

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