More on my Aversion to Hipness

During Lisa's recent visit, we decided to take a trip to Mood, the fabric store popularized by Project Runway. Mood LA, that is. My excitement waned the moment we walked into the store. The inventory itself was overwhelming, for one thing. And everyone in there seemed to part of the club - to be wearing the proper clothes and certainly working on the proper projects. As for us... well, Lisa is slinkster cool. But I was in my very obviously Old Navy gear, including a sweater I've been rocking since 1997. And Ben... well, let's just say you probably don't get too many guys wearing Browns caps without irony at Mood. Especially guys wearing Browns caps carrying fussy toddlers who want to explore the designer play silks.

It was, and I can't emphasize this enough, the opposite of JoAnn's.

Without going into details, I never felt particularly welcome at the store. It certainly could have been 100% my perception, but sometimes "Can I help you?" totally sounds like "You clearly don't belong here."

I hate that feeling, even if it's entirely in my head.

I spent $1.57 at Mood. A half a yard of elastic, and a yard of ribbon. I decided to use my undesigner, "Joann's exclusive" fabric for the skirt Lisa helped me make. As for Juliette, she doesn't seem to care that Christian Siriano wouldn't touch the print with a ten-foot measuring tape.

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