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I am starting to think of myself as a former blogger. Back in the old days, I published as many as twenty-some posts per month; lately, it's been more like two or three. There are a handful of reasons behind my lack of chattiness. One major catalyst is that parenting a toddler while pastoring a church is no joke. I'm also not reading nearly as much as I did last year, for the same reasons. Then there's the Facebook phenomenon; it seems like the blogosphere has all relocated to that neighborhood. There are certain things I like a lot about Facebook, like reconnecting with people and keeping in better touch with good friends. But. There is a lot I don't like about Facebook, and one is that I ultimately prefer to read a handful of thoughtful paragraphs than two hundred pithy sentences. And reason number three? I feel like I've more or less misplaced my blogging "voice" - in part because I'm not really sure what kind of blog any day a beautiful change is anymore. Is it a ministry blog? Parenting blog? Personal reflections? Theological musings? The easy answer is yes, it's all of those things. It's whatever I want it to be. But for whatever reason, I don't have a backlog of 25 different things to blog about whenever I get the chance.

What this blog started as was simple: an outlet to write. And I do think writing as much as I've written here has been a good thing. Lately I've thought that what I need to do is keep a nonpublished journal. And yet I'm still hesitant to pull the plug here.

I do have related news: I received word yesterday that I got into Writing and the Pastoral Life with Eugene Peterson. In Collegeville, Minnesota. And that my good friend Nathan also received an invitation. In a small world twist, I actually met Nathan in Collegeville the summer before seminary, when we were both fellows with the Fund for Theological Education. My hope for the workshop is to finally begin working on a non-blogging writing project, one of those things I believe is called a "book". I have four ideas - three nonfiction, and one novel. So we'll see what comes next.

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