Ten on Tuesday

1. We have a new favorite: Harvest Grains Blend from Trader Joe's. It's a mix of orzo, quinoa, garbanzo beans, and Israeli couscous, and it's quick and super yummy. Juliette is a big fan, too. Anyone within reach of a Trader Joe's should go stock up.

2. Yesterday I went out to the garage to locate a piece of the stroller we're trying to sell on Craigslist (dude who was going to buy it today didn't show). I ended up not leaving the garage until two hours later... and not because I couldn't find the piece. Our garage was just seriously in need of spring cleaning. It's pretty close to finished - just a few more odds and ends to get rid of, and we will once again have a workable garage! And, thanks to the trustees who spent a couple hours working on some parsonage issues last week, we also have a workable garage door opener.

3. I had big intentions to write a nice long post about the great visit we had with Rebecca last week (or is it already the week before last?!). Alas, that didn't happen. For the record, we kayaked, got slightly painful massages, went to Amoeba, and had days of wonderful conversations. Oh, and ate a lot of great food. Most of which I actually cooked!

4. Here's a picture of Juliette and Rebecca, who were fast friends. Rebecca reminded me that I wouldn't let her hold Juliette the first time they met. In my defense, she was in her wedding dress and Juliette was very much in her projectile bodily fluids phase. I suppose not being allowed to hold your friend's baby on your wedding day isn't the best memory, but I stand by my decision to prevent a much worse memory: having to change into sweatpants at your wedding reception because your friend's baby pooped on your beautiful vintage gown.
5. That wasn't really supposed to be a picture in front of an ugly wall; it was supposed to be a picture in front of our garden. We got a little bold this year and tore out some less-than-stellar landscaping in our backyard so that we could plant tomatoes, zucchini, and pumpkin. The zucchini is already ready for harvest; we've eaten two already and there are ten or so more on the way. It's really great zucchini, too - we're taking the advice to pick it early (4-6 inches long) so as to avoid that bitter taste the larger ones can get. I love our garden.

6. Those Cavs.

7. I finally finished Debbie Blue's From Stone to Living Word: Letting the Bible Live Again. I loved it so much I had to savor it. Soooo good.

8. I'm going to attempt to make a dress for Juliette. Sew a dress for Juliette, that is. On my sewing machine that I am afraid to turn on without supervision. The so-called "very easy" pattern was apparently labeled by a sarcastic person.

9. I watched exactly two episodes of American Idol - the last two. And that was enough to know that Adam Lambert was robbed. Robbed!

10. Here's another shot of sweet, spunky, emotional, talkative, funny, darling Juliette. All that hair!

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