Ten on Tuesday

1. The Family Fun people should seriously consider hiring the Wondertime art team to revamp their garishly designed glossy. Although I don't think even a redesign could make Family Fun as great as Wondertime was. Hmph.

2. Over two years ago, I wrote a blog post about using the retouch button to de-wrinkle myself in a photograph, and ended by saying I was going to use more sunscreen and moisturizer. Susie commented about how it's important to moisturize your neck, too. Now I always think of her while I'm slathering it on. I like my once (and sometimes twice) daily think-of-Susie times. Thanks for the great advice, Susie!

3. The White House publishes an official photo stream on Flickr, and it's pretty cool. 4. This is Eric Carle reading The Hungry Caterpillar at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. If you look closely, you can tell he's on the butterfly page.5. Aside from sort of seeing and almost hearing Eric Carle read The Hungry Caterpillar, we did not have such a great time at the book festival this year. It was the fourth year in a row we've attended; the first year I described it as better than Disneyland, Halloween, and a candy store combined. But I've got to say, as much as I am a firm believer in the importance of books in Juliette's life, the book festival is just not a great place for toddlers. While we were sort of seeing and almost hearing Eric Carle amidst the teeming masses of humanity, Juliette was in her stroller with nothing to look at but the rear ends of the teeming masses of humanity. There was no way we could let her roam. We ended up leaving not too long after we'd arrived. I think until Juliette is at least four or five, she may have to stay home with a babysitter. And in the interlude, we'll leave the live performance of Yo Gabba Gabba off our list and repopulate it with all the nerdy panel discussions we love.

6. Juliette, what does a lion (covered in lasagna sauce) say?


7. My photo of some board books at Elliott Bay Bookstore was selected for the Schmap guide to Seattle. Too bad my name isn't spelled correctly.

8. I am so excited that my friend Rebecca is coming to visit next week. She came to see us in Claremont before she started grad school, and now that she's graduated (CONGRATULATIONS, BEC!!!), she's coming again! Rebecca and I have been friends since we were fourteen or so, and have gone through a lot together. She is dear to my heart.

9. I just bought a new pair of jogging shoes for the first time in years, to go along with our new jogging stroller. For the last six weeks or so, I've kept up a pretty regular exercise schedule, pushing our incredibly cumbersome Peg Perego around the neighborhood wearing worn out sneakers. The difference is amazing; I walked and jogged on the beach path for an hour and a half on Saturday morning with the new gear, and then took to the trails at Will Rogers State Park on Sunday afternoon. The primary inspiration for my new fitness routine, other than just not wanting to be out of shape anymore, is the sermon podcast revolution. I've discovered that I LOVE listening to sermons while exercising - if the sermons are excellent, that is. I burned through pretty much everything Debbie Blue has on iTunes, nabbed a few random Anna Carter Florence and Barbara Brown Taylor tracks, and have moved on to listening to Eugene Peterson's Tell it Slant. I'm open to suggestions for great sermon podcasts, as I'm thinking it's time start training for another 5k.

10. On Friday night, my friend Sara and I went to go hear Allison play at the House of Blues. Oh my goodness, was it a fun night. Allison came on while we were in the bathroom, and we stampeded back to the stage like it was 1991 and New Kids on the Block was in town. I fully expected Allison to be amazing live, but the combination of the great energy of her band and the impeccable sound system at House of Blues was exquisite. If you live near Pocatello, Minneapolis, Holmen, Columbus, Pittsburgh, or Tuscon, do not miss her May tour beginning soon! Details here.

Nighty night, y'all.

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