I'm in the process of slurping my blog into Blurb - which is to say that I'm using their BookSmart program to organize and print my blog into book format. At first, I totally underestimated how much data nearly five years of blogging had generated, and was attempting to slurp the whole thing. I think it would have been roughly the size of a Russian novel, especially since they don't seem to let you put print than one post per page (at least not without extensive editing). So instead, I'm going with eras, beginning with my first year after seminary. Just for that time frame, it will be 214 pages long. And that was before I added many pictures! The sad thing is that the book won't contain any comments, which are often the best part. Oh well. I'm going to feel better when I finally have this thing on paper.

After scanning and/or rereading what was on my mind throughout spring 2005- spring 2006, I am reminded, once again, how very much I miss Deacon. That was one exceptionally good dog. I think this process is going to get much harder when I get to fall 2006. But at least I know the story gets happier again come spring 2007...

So much life here, really. Even though this blog represents only a fraction of what's going on, and often just through trivial bits and pieces, I'd be lying if I said it didn't matter to me, very very much.

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