Several on Saturday

1. I had high hopes that I'd make it through my photo-a-week 2009, but since I never got a system going, it's been a bear to keep up with. (I don't know how you 365ers do it.) It was kind of gettin' me down, so I just decided to scrap it and upload recent favorites to Flickr. I probably have taken at least a photo a week, I just don't have the energy to organize them accordingly. (And yes, I know that iPhoto more or less does it for you.) At any rate, here's the new batch of mostly-Juliette.

2. I wasn't looking through the viewfinder when I took this; I just held the camera in the air and shot blindly. And I love it.
3. I was unintentionally the Crazy Lady at jury duty yesterday. First of all, I was sick - am sick - with one of the sneeziest, snottiest colds I've ever had. So everyone was already very aware of me, and one lady understandably got up and moved after I had a sneezing attack (I did cover my nose and bring tons of tissues, for the record). I was in the juror box for a civil case involving neighbors disputing over the trimming of oleander. The defense attorney was asking us all if we knew what oleanders are, if we know if they are poisonous or not, if we consider them a hedge or a bush or a tree, etc. One man made everyone laugh when he said, "Well, I know what oleanders are now." Well, I happen to have a lot of oleander experience. At least more than my fellow jurors. I was sort of cataloging it in my head before they got to me, so I'd be ready. Yes, we have oleanders. Yup, once our gardener cut them down below the level of our bathroom window, but now they're taller than the house. Oh, and once I was at a concert and the singer (Sarah Harmer) had a new song about oleanders and she commented on how difficult they are to grow in Canada but here in So Cal they're growing like crazy on the interstate medians. Um, did I really just say that? In front of the whole court? Yes, I did. And was I surprised when the plaintiff's attorney immediately dismissed me for cause? No, I wasn't. All I can say is that at least I didn't go into the plot of White Oleander, that great Janet Fitch book in which a woman poisons her lover with oleander petals. Because it was next in the catalogue queue.

4. I'm loving this album...

So is Juliette - it's the one she was dancing to the other day.

5. On that topic... I just realized that there is a bad word in the Black Eyed Peas song she was dancing to the day before that. Oops. My apologies.

6. Also on that topic, Elizabeth was speculating that Juliette's mad dance moves must be a sign of "nature" in the "nature v. nurture" debate. Well, perhaps. But that child has seen lots of mad dance moves from both her parental units, and I just uncovered an old video in which we were more or less giving her dance lessons. So I'm pretty sure she's locked into being a dancing fool no matter what. She'll probably embarrass herself at jury duty one day, too... what can I say. We're a little goofy around here sometimes.

7. One more dance-related item: ohmygoodness do we love So You Think You Can Dance in these parts. Ben actually allowed it to begin recording when the Lakers game was in overtime. Now that it's the real season - past the partially-obnoxious auditions phase - it's just. so. good.

8. The first volume of my blog book came, and it was so exciting! The book printed beautifully, and it was pretty amazing to see how much I wrote in just one year. My favorite posts were definitely the ones in which I recorded things Ben and I said to make each other laugh. We'd forgotten most of them, of course. I hereby endorse Blurb.

Happy Saturday! Here's hoping I have a voice and can get through worship tomorrow without going through an entire kleenex box...

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