Ten on Tuesday

1. Elizabeth's newest (and coolest) scrapbooking project yet officially launched yesterday. Along with a couple other post-Simple Scrapbooks friends, she's organized an "inspiration collective." Check it out, all ye scrapbookers and lay appreciators!
2. I'm doing my best to combine morning walk/jogs with local errands. We are regulars at the farmers market that is about a mile away, and now I've added the library and the bank to my list of places to go. As someone who is not a natural runner, I need every little bit of help I can get, from music to sermon podcasts to set destinations.

3. Speaking of the library. I had another run-in with a rude circulation desk clerk, and I wanted to go all librarian's daughter on her... whatever that might mean. I'm pretty sure it involves pointing out that living into stereotypes of librarians isn't doing anyone any good. Anyway, I'd returned to the library to purchase a $5 copy of Mark Bittman's How To Cook Everything. (Did you catch that?? A FIVE DOLLAR COPY of a THIRTY-FIVE DOLLAR COOKBOOK!) I didn't have cash the first time I'd seen it, so the helpful and kind circulation desk clerk who embodied everything a librarian should be offered to put it on hold for me on the reserve shelf. So I go in, explain that I'm here to purchase a book on hold, and the unpleasant circulation lady is shocked! shocked! that some idiot would have allowed such a monumental breach of library regulations. She repeated at least four times that this is not allowed, that I need to know that this is not allowed, and I'm never to do it again. When she launched into her tirade upon returning from the reserve shelf with the book (did she want me to say "sorry, I won't buy it if I wasn't supposed to have it held for me"??), I said once, quietly, "I don't think it's my fault." She of course got all defensive, etcetera, and I didn't say anything else other than "thank you."

4. That was the same morning I dropped my tray of strawberries at the farmers market. We have been eating bruised yet still mostly delicious strawberries all week.

5. The cheap yet hard-earned cookbooks is fabulous. I'm hoping to trip over a $5 copy of his How To Cook Everything Vegetarian as well, just so long as I don't stub my toe or something in the process. Last night I used up some leftover black beans I'd frozen to make soup. I didn't make it exactly as the recipe called for, but I think that's kind of the point with his approach. You learn the basics and improvise. It wasn't thick enough for my bean soup tastes, so I added some quinoa for the last ten minutes. It absorbed the extra liquid and gave it a nice texture. I think I'll end up making this every time I make black beans for something else - I have not figured out how to gauge dried beans. Once they're soaked I suddenly have enough beans to feed thirty people.

6. The dress-sewing project continues. It is actually starting to resemble a dress. It's a good thing I had extra fabric, though, because I messed up so many times when I was cutting out the pattern. The whole process is incredibly taxing for my poor mind, which is all but bereft of logic and spacial reasoning skills.

7. The news was so depressing yesterday, wasn't it?

8. Our zucchini plant is still producing, and we are thoroughly enjoying the fruits of our labor. (Most of the labor entailed digging out the overgrown geranium bush to clear space for the garden, but still.) I bought a simple, beautifully designed salad bowl from Ikea for $4, and thanks to our prodigious farmers market trips, we've been eating big salads full of sunflower sprouts and sugar snap peas. I just realized how many of these bits are about food... I love food. I may even be turning into a foodie.

9. I'm listening to The Omnivore's Dilemma on CD, and it reminds me that I don't love all food. Man, is that some disconcerting stuff.

10. The lectionary for the next few weeks is kind of getting me down. I sort of wish I could go off lectionary and do a preaching series, but I'm hoping the new volume of Feasting on the Word will be a source of inspiration.

Happy Tuesday!

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