The Second Monday in June

...is henceforth Blueberry Pie for Breakfast Day.

Last night I made a blueberry pie. I wanted to eat some immediately after it came out of the oven, but it was obvious that the filling was way too hot for the pie to set, so I went to bed with an empty stomach.

Which meant, of course, that the very first thing I did this morning was eat a piece of blueberry pie. It was soooooo good. I was almost done with my piece in the time it took for Juliette to get a diaper change, I inhaled it so quickly.

When Ben walked into the kitchen, he was shocked - not that I was eating blueberry pie for breakfast, but that I hadn't taken a picture of it first. So we took a picture...
And then we saw just how much Juliette wanted some...

Juliette made up for the fact that she didn't eat a bite of her birthday cake by thoroughly enjoying her Blueberry Pie for Breakfast Day treat.
Blueberry Pie for Breakfast Day will be closely followed by Bread Machine Appreciation Day, which will be observed on June 19th, the anniversary of when we bought our beloved Williams-Sonoma on Craigslist.

It remains to be seen if Blueberry Pie for Breakfast Day is also celebrated on the third Tuesday of the month.

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