The Date Eight Years Ago

Eight years ago tonight, Ben and I went on our first date. We went to Tommy's in Coventry, and walked around Mac's Backs bookstore, and had sodas at Mitzi's, and ate Phish Food ice cream. It was a really good date.

We have both changed so much in the years since, in ways that we never could have without one another. It's a really good marriage.

This isn't entirely related (or is it?), but yesterday Ben noted one of the essential differences between us. I will not walk across the street if the orange hand tells me not to. Ben would totally walk across the street regardless of what the crosswalk says, if there aren't any cars coming (and if his wife would let him). On the other hand, I will walk right in front of a car (stridently, to make a point) if the walk light tells me that I have the right of way.

{ Happy everything, Ben. I love you. }

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