Flashback Friday

When we were in Ohio this summer, I unearthed my childhood/adolescent diaries from the basement, and proceeded to spend a lot of time cringing and guffawing wildly as I read choice passages aloud. There are more than a few sad parts; I was a pretty intense kid, with strong emotions, thin skin, and a tendency to be made fun of by fellow classmates. As I was laughing about the journals on FB, my friend JWD reminded me to be gentle with the girl who wrote this stuff. It was good advice. I would have been mortified had I known that my adult self would go back and join the crowd of cruel teasers. And yet... there's also something sort of redemptive about being able to laugh about some of this stuff. I have such a soft spot in my heart for the kid I was: obsessed with Jesus, boys, finding myself, and becoming a better person (which I cleared failed to do when I called Marie a "snobby zombie" after a sibling spat).

Without further adieu, 43things, eat your heart out:
(circa 1993)

Personally, I'm impressed with my mathematical approach to self-improvement. (Too bad I can't do math well enough to double-check my numbers.) Apparently I struggled the most with "get out of Mar. & Eliz's shadows" and "Make least one person aware of Christianity." But according to my records, I did manage to stop caring about popularity and become a better friend to myself. And I found out why boys are jerks! (Wish I'd written that one down for future reference...)

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