Ten on Tuesday

1. I have had this song in my head for about two weeks, but it's so cheerful and likable it hasn't even bothered me too much.

2.If you do not regularly read my sister Elizabeth's blog and missed the story about her new BFF, do yourself a favor and go read it. It is fantastic.

3. We went swimming yesterday. In a perfect world, I would go swimming at least three times a week.

4. I am up to my ears in John the Baptist lore. I'm working on an article for the November/December issue of Disciples World. When I signed on for the assignment I had absolutely no idea just how fascinating he is. I'm hooked, and can't wait until he resurfaces again in Advent.

5. Katie Herzig is super. And you can download some of her music for free (legally, that is) at Noisetrade. I shall be seeing KH this fall, as she's opening for Over the Rhine at the Largo.

6. Juliette doesn't have a whole lot of playmates yet, but she does have what every little girl needs: a best friend. These two have been playing together since Juliette was five months old. When Lila's coming over, Juliette stands by the door and watches for her, saying, "Lila? Lila? Lila!!!" Here they are, with their cell phones and first place medals. Oh, are they ever sweet.
6. Speaking of Juliette, neither Ben or I are particularly enthused with her recent decision to call both of us Mommy. I'm hoping she'll switch back to Mama and Pops (or Daddy, or Dada, or pretty much anything but Mommy). Especially since MOMMY is usually pronounced in the utmost of whiny tones.

7. September was supposed to be a buy-nothing month - nothing but food and household essentials. I broke the rule on September 2nd with a seventy-five cent copy of a Sandra Boyton book from the library sale. Really, what Mommy could pass that up?! I didn't even actually spend seventy-five cents on it; I wasn't carrying cash, and I could only scrounge up seventy-two cents between my coin purse and the copy machine change returner. I broke the rule again today. I spent ten dollars on a gently-used Little Tikes playset, the kind that usually cost about $125. We haven't picked it up from the neighbor's house yet, but Juliette already went wild for it. She definitely does not get the concept "It's yours, but not yet."

8. So, September is buy nothing month, starting tomorrow.

9. My love for Scrabble has been reawakened by Lexulous. Last night Ben and I managed to play in real life. I was beating him by so much I still refuse to believe that he bested me by three points in the end.

10. We are huge Skype fans around here. Grandma singing to Juliette via Skype:

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