Update Update (1)

I like Reverendmother's new practice of preserving FB updates on her blog. Here's my month in 160 characters or less. Oldest to newest. (And yes, my back still hurts.)

  • successfully talked herself out of lobbying Ben for a pet bunny.
  • solved a garden mystery: yes, pumpkins and zucchini can cross-pollinate. Explains the unusually bulbous zucchini that is turning orange...
  • is convinced her metabolism came to a grinding halt the day she turned 29.
  • sermon rut.
  • has a bad habit of putting tongue twisters in her sermons. Case in point: "serve unswervingly." Will regret come Sunday morning.
  • is celebrating!
  • is about to go praise God from whom all blessings flow.
  • is baking cinnamon raisin scones for the church book club tonight. Thought they would be tastier than Potato Peel Pie, if not quite so thematic.
  • is too hot to concentrate on writing her sermon, but the weather forecast calls for heat through Sunday. Hmm.
  • is thoroughly impressed with Jesus. Has anyone noticed how vivid and delightful and challenging and lovely he is in the gospels? (Note: air condition is impressive, too. Sermon going much better in the cool basement of the local library.)
  • is done with her sermon, thanks to the library air conditioning... and if that isn't the status update of a mollycoddled, first-world preacher, I don't know what is.
  • made curtains, one of which is a good half inch shorter than the other. Oh well, they'll do what they need to do: block some of the searing hot sun that comes through the kitchen window behind the computer. And you can't beat curtains that cost $2.99 to make.
  • salvaged the excessively garlicky tomato pesto by tossing it into the meatloaf in lieu of v8/ketchup. Yum yum.
  • is once again availing herself of the library air conditioning to get some work done.
  • is sermonating on a Friday night.
  • is laid up with back pain again, for the first time in months. Sigh.

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