Ten on Tuesday

1. Juliette had a good day at school today. Last Thursday was the first day she didn't pitch a major fit when we dropped her off... and then she ended up getting bitten by one of her classmates in a see-saw related skirmish. The kid can't catch a break. (It didn't break the skin. And the incident report noted that the teacher's response was "ice and a big hug.")

2. Charlie and Lola is my best and favorite children's television show EVER. Oh, is it ever completely, extremely delightful.
3. I had lunch today with my dearest Allison at our favorite restaurant, The Spot. Yummy yummy savory sauce.

4. Yesterday morning I accidentally dropped an entire container of dry laundry soap into the washing machine and spent the next half hour scooping and vacuuming it up. Luckily it did not result in a soap-flooded garage.

5. I really loved my sermon on Sunday. Am I allowed to say that? I meant to post it here, but keep forgetting to pick up the revised version from the church computer. It was about, among other things, the healing of Blind Bartimaeus and... drum roll... plastic forks.

6. I have been more active on Facebook lately, so I've already posted most of this over there. Next month's Update Update is going to be rather redundant. Oh well.

7. I wrote the cover story about John the Baptist for the November-December issue of Disciples World, which apparently started arriving in mailboxes today (though lamentably not mine).

8. I miss my sisters. Sigh...

9. We went to the pumpkin patch to get a couple sugar pumpkins for pie-making purposes. I've been admiring all these pumpkin patch shots on various blogs lately, and while I did take maybe one or two pictures, my heart wasn't in it. Our pumpkin patch is in the mall parking lot, not some picturesque autumnal woodsy farm.

10. I didn't think I'd be ready for another season of So You Think You Can Dance so soon, but as it turns out, I am. Bring on the Mia Michaels, baby! My current favorites are the crumper and the girl tapper.

Happy Tuesday!

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