Ten on Tuesday

1. Random memory: When I stopped pegging my jeans in the 8th grade, a popular girl approached me and asked me why my pants weren't pegged. I was completely mortified, but managed to cough up that my sister was in college and had told me nobody pegged their jeans anymore. She gave me a withering look and said, "This isn't college. This is middle school."

2. I do not like scary Halloween displays, and have another random memory to go along with my dislike. I was perhaps three. I was staying with my Grandma Watson, and we went to K-Mart. We saw a life-sized monster in the Halloween section. I woke up to a scary nightmare about the monster in the middle of the night. To calm me down, my grandma made me a bowl of oatmeal. I was so worked up that I couldn't hold it down. I refused to eat oatmeal again for years. Now I love oatmeal but still can't stand scary monsters.

3. I'm on a Roald Dahl tear, in preparation for the release of The Fantastic Mr. Fox in a few weeks. I've read most though not all of his books, and have been rewatching some of my favorite movie adaptations. I really like them, although my post-seminary mind is picking up on his recurring themes of retributive justice. There are a lot of just desserts in the world of Mr. Dahl, sometimes literally (a la C&tCF).

Be still my heart - Wes Anderson + Roald Dahl:

4. Juliette loves edamame, peas, corn, carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower. The other night she ate nearly a grown-up sized portion of cauliflower, between the raw pieces she ate while I was making dinner and all the extras she stole from our plates. She also loves chocolate milk.

5. First full sentence, spoken over and over and over again while constrained in the Target cart: "I wanna walk!!"

6. Sometimes I write about an issue here, and never follow up about how it turned out. Like this? It turned out just fine.

7. As for The Dog Issue, which I wrote about almost a year ago? We went through with it a few weeks later. I wrote a limerick about it, which is a sad commentary on how deeply I (did not) feel the loss. It is simultaneously the best and grossest thing I've ever written:

There once was a puggle named Atticus
Whose master oft' called him Sir Fatticus

From his rear came a paste

We feared the toddler woul
d taste
So he's back at the pound...

Don't be mad at us.

I guess because fall is the time I think most about dogs (still missing Deacon like crazy, three [!?] years later), I've been thinking about poor Atticus, hoping he found a home that could handle his unique combination of cuteness and energy and stench.

8. Members of The Young Clergywomen Project need to check out Fidelia's Sisters for the recent series of 2nd anniversary giveaways. One is a $50 gift certificate to Chalice Press, and the other is a stole (red, green, or purple) handmade by Anna Montgomery of Gloria Vestments. Comment to win!

9. My sisters and I are, er, tumblring together at The Trifecta. It's fun.

10. Today all the wonderful photos that Marie has taken of our family arrived on a CD. Woohoo! There are some really, really great ones in here. This one shows off my anniversary gift, an amethyst jacaranda ring by Allison. I love it. Ben saw me see it at her Etsy shop for the first time - falling all over myself about the amethyst and the jacaranda and the oh my goodness isn't it beautiful? And then it turned up in a little pouch on July 13th. That boy.

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