Facebook Update Update (3)

(circa 10/21-11/12, oldest to newest.)

  • had forgotten that dangly earrings are a marvelous mood enhancer.
  • had such a long day that 8:45pm feels more like midnight. Off to get some sleep.
  • preached about plastic forks, among other things. Thankfully we used real silverware for the potluck after worship.
  • planned to spend the morning reading Wuthering Heights and making a chairs & blanket tent with Juliette. Instead: scooping & vacuuming up the entire container of dry laundry soap she clumsily dropped into the washing machine, and hoping the subsequent rinse cycle doesn't result in a soap -looded garage.
  • likes that her mother just sent her a letter full of makeup coupons and a $20, "to update your cosmetics in case you might have been using something too long."
  • is continuing her week of abject clumsiness: this time, she dropped a gallon of whole milk in the driveway. Yes, it exploded. And yes, it was at least partially The Toddler's fault (with some blame reserved for The Mama, who probably shouldn't have been carrying so much).
  • is regretting leaving a library book next to a pile of crayons.
  • fondly remembered her Collegeville pals when 100.3 played "Margaritaville" on the way to church this morning.
  • is about to leave for the Over the Rhine concert, with great thanksgivings to Ben who will be home with a cranky and sick toddler.
  • does not have a black eye from the glass wall she walked into last night. At least not yet.
  • is sick and tired of being sick and tired, and having a sick and tired child, who is also sick and tired of being sick and tired.
  • barely understands a word of the pneumatology paper she wrote in seminary.
  • is very excited and not a little daunted that her book proposal was accepted. This means she has to, um, write the book. Two chapters down, a whole bunch to go.
The last few weeks were quite memorable, firstly on account of my unusually clumsy streak, and secondly on account of the book I am officially writing. I covet your prayers on both accounts!

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