Christmas Recap

I'm home alone today, writing. Ben and Juliette are off exploring Hollywood with Grandpy and Monica. This has been a mostly-wonderful Christmas. I wish I were able to manage doing some of the basic holiday stuff, like sending Christmas cards. I also really wish I could get my act together and get gifts sent on time. I'm still knitting away on gifts that should have been under trees yesterday morning. The other item on the grinch report is that I took very few pictures, and none that were especially good.
Despite feeling lousy about my holiday shortcomings, it really was a mostly-wonderful Christmas. This was the first time we've ever hosted family members on a holiday, and we had a great time. I did just the right amount of cooking, and everything turned out delicious. Menu: pork roasted with garlic and sage, comprehensively stuffed squash, biscuits from the cold aisle at Trader Joes, and the biggest winners, pumpkin and strawberry rhubarb pies with homemade whipped cream. I'm telling you, that strawberry rhubarb pie was to die for. The strawberries and rhubarb came from the Santa Monica farmers market, and the pumpkin puree was frozen from the Thanksgiving pie leftovers. Yay for locally-grown yummy stuff.

Juliette did so well yesterday. We were a little worried that she would be overwhelmed, but she handled the hubbub beautifully. She received so many great gifts from friends and family. From us she got a helmet and a betta fish named Bluebeard. Blue for short.
My blog-friend, Mindi, with whom I would love to be neighbors in real life, made Ben's Christmas by giving me the heads up on a great deal on the Arrested Development series DVD set. We have many hours of guffawing ahead of us.

The Christmas services at church were made especially lovely and meaningful by the return of a church member who had been very ill for over a year. My heart sang when she walked through the doors.

Last night we heard the news that a baby was born! Juliette's best friend, Lila, has a brand new little brother. We can't wait to meet him.

This is our tree. Until a week ago, we didn't have a tree topper. But Juliette decorated this hand-drawn star at school, and I can't imagine ever replacing it. It's perfect.
I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a very happy Boxing Day.

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