Update Update (4)

It seems a little late to be reaching so far back into 2009 for a post, but I sort of like keeping track of my FB updates here. So here goes...

(11/14/09 - 1/7/10)

  • is sort of having fun with the apocalyptic Mark text, especially since it gives her an opportunity to roll her homiletical eyes at 2012.
  • cannot stop listening to Katie Herzig, and thinks you should start and not stop, too.
  • despises the monthly "It Happened To Me" blurb in Parents Magazine, and believes it would be more aptly titled "Freak Accidents That Could Happen To Your Kid."
  • is thoroughly enjoying Juliette's language and sleep explosion.
  • rejects her doctor's over-the-phone conjecture that she has swine flu. Strep, maybe. Bad cold, possibly. In any case, the prescription is fluids, rest, and no Thanksgiving trip. :(
  • is grateful for Urgent Care, antibiotics, and the fact that she does NOT have the flu.
  • is feeling better and hoping for a good night's sleep tonight. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • had a great afternoon with Ben and Juliette - Trivial Pursuit during naptime, playing at the park, window shopping at the local toy store, and reminiscing about our Europe vacation over spaetzle.
  • has discovered her least favorite movie of all time: Synechdoche, New York.
  • has preacher's block.
  • is giving the sermon another try after a very long nap.
  • is almost out of Stadium Mustard, and is shamelessly using her Status Update to drop a hint to her parents to bring more when they come to visit next week.
  • was paging through an old FTE Fellows handbook, and was amazed how many names she recognized from the classes of '99, '00, '01, etc.
  • is so sad that Disciples World is folding.
  • thought the SYTYCD finale was... weird.
  • finished her Christmas Eve sermon, but is afraid to look at the rest of her to-do list. It includes finishing three more scarves and mailing them in time for Christmas. Perhaps Aunt Katherine is going to be in the business of giving Epiphany gifts...
  • wonders how Toot and Puddle afford their rock 'n roll lifestyle.
  • is glad that Juliette waited until after Christmas to pull the tree down, that she had taken a picture, and that there wasn't all that much water in the stand. Bye bye, noble fir.
  • is unexpectedly jealous of all the people who got Snuggies for Christmas.
  • is celebrating Ben's birthday.
  • is on Team Jacob, and is apparently thirteen years old.
  • is finally doing an Update Update on her blog. [how postmodern!]

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