Sweet Juliette

It's amazing to observe Juliette's development - her language, humor, physical capabilities, etc. But I think the most remarkable is her emotional development. I see a girl who is sensitive, observant, and loving. (Oh yeah, she finally said, "I LAH YOU!!!" She says it just like that, with many exclamation points. She is equally enthusiastic with "AMEN!!!")

She's always had big emotions and fierce attachments. I've said before that we became attachment parents because we had an attachment baby. I know I've already gone on (and on) about how hard it was to say goodbye to Lila, but the reality hit even harder on Friday, when Juliette began asking for Lila and, bless her heart, confirming "I sad."

Lila gave this doll to her for her birthday. It's a replica of a doll Lila has, a doll Juliette knows and associates with her friend. Seeing her tenderness toward this doll just makes me immensely proud of my little girl and her big heart.

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