Ten on Tuesday

1. I am very ready to get past this first year of preschool germs. I don't think we've all been well at the same time for longer than a week or two since August.
2. Henry Louis Gates's Faces of America = fantastic. The second episode will be on tomorrow (Wednesday) night.
3. After I made my list of favorite educational experiences the other day, I looked up my Shakespeare professor on Facebook and wrote him an email to tell him how much I liked his class.
4. I also recently wrote an email to the corporate headquarters of my (former) salon to complain about the $10 charge to get my hair blow-dried last time I got a trim. The charge wasn't listed anywhere, and had I known they were going to charge me an entire Alexander Hamilton, believe you me I would not have accepted the offer. I could make a very long list of things I would rather spend $10 on.
5. It's probably a good practice to keep a relatively even record of fan mail and angry mail, eh?
6. Juliette is such a skinny-minny these days, it's increasingly hard to remember her roly poly infancy:
7. On the topic of old Juliette pictures, I just happened upon this one. It was a favorite when I took it, but I've never printed or posted it anywhere. iPhoto tells me its circa January '09.
I really, really like the colors.
8. I was one of the millions of people who were irritated by the sudden and presumptuous presence of Buzz in my Gmail account last week. I'm obviously not hysterical about privacy or I wouldn't have a blog. But it was extremely odd to discover I was already "following" people and seeing the responses (and full names and email addresses!) of all the people who were "following" them. It took me multiple tries to figure out how to opt out; at first I tried to UNFOLLOW (as a reader of Dooce, it seems obligatory to write that word in all caps) people, but then Google would helpfully add more people to my list. After being informed throughout the day that various and sundry people were following me, I was beginning to feel like I was... being followed. Apparently they've apologized and made changes.
9. I've been listening to Hope for Haiti Now; we downloaded the album the day it came out. Nearly every song feels like a classic. (Excuse me while I put Justin Timberlake's discography on my List of Things I Would Rather Spend Ten Dollars On Than Getting My Hair Blow-Dried. His version of "Hallelujah" was breathtaking, and I have no fewer than six version of the song.)
10. Elizabeth is really lucky that I have a slow and unwieldy scanner that is not usually hooked up to a computer. She is under the impression that she didn't start a no-holds barred scanner battle by uploading twelve family photos from my eleventh birthday. Yes, I did post a photo of my nerdy eleven-year-old self. I didn't post THIS picture of my nerdy eleven-year-old self.
Oh wait... I just did. Well, that's beside the point. I need to make the point that I was not verklempt, as Elizabeth suggested. That is my making a wish face, thankyouverymuch.

Stay tuned. My scanner isn't so slow and unwieldy that it can't handle a few gems from, say, 1986.

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