• Last week I tried something new: I set a goal of writing my entire sermon in an hour. I'd already done extensive reading and planning, so it was just the writing bit. I didn't meet the goal, but I did have about 75% of it done when the bell rang. Normally, it takes me about... oh, 15 minutes per sentence?? I'm not sure what effect it had on the manuscript; I don't think it was any better or worse than usual. I did feel like I didn't "know" it as well - part of why it takes me so long is that I constantly reread what I've written so far. When I was in middle school I participated in Power of the Pen, where you'd be given an hour to complete a writing prompt. Could be a handy skill during busy weeks, though I doubt I'll do it all the time.
  • On the way back from not visiting someone at a local assisted living place (date miscommunication), I walked alongside a gated up movie set. At first I didn't realize that the "house" was just a facade... it was a little disorienting.
  • I tidied up the top of our bureau today, which included making a stack of papers to recycle. Juliette was underfoot, so I asked her to go take them to Daddy in the kitchen and say, "recycle." She follows orders pretty darn well.
  • Except when she doesn't.
  • While reading a commentary on the Prodigal Son at the local coffeehouse this morning, I was sitting next to two very professional looking women who were discussing at length some sort of business dealing one of them had had with Lady Gaga.
  • I recently discovered an glaringly overt instance of plagiarism, one that I might have missed if I hadn't coincidentally read the original source a couple days before. I really hate plagiarism. I sent a note to the editor, including that I genuinely hoped it had just been an oversight, and that the attribution was intended to be included. I seriously doubt it.
  • One of Juliette's current favorite activities is making us run drills in the front yard. If we stop running, she'll say, "Run, Mama! Run, Daddy! Run!

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