Pop Culture Hallucination

Yesterday, Juliette came down with her eleventh illness since September; the last three have practically overlapped, one after another since early February. It's exhausting for everyone involved. This time it's another ear infection, so she started antibiotics last night. Her fever shot up again when she went to sleep, but not enough time had passed that we could give her more Motrin. For a couple hours last night we were pretty anxious, though as far as we could tell her temperature peaked at 103.2, below the 105 the nurse hotline said was hospital time.

So in the midst of those anxious hours, I was lying down next to a sleeping Juliette. All of a sudden she shot up in bed and said something I couldn't quite make out.

Mama: What, honey?
Juliette: Boom boom pow!
Mama: Boom boom pow?
Juliette: Yes!

And then she turned over and went back to sleep immediately.

Juliette knows "boom boom pow" in two contexts; she knows the 30-second iTunes sampler that is one of her favorite dance tracks. And sometimes we say it when she falls down - i.e., Did you fall down and go boom boom pow?

It has yet to be determined if Juliette was falling down or watching a Black Eyed Peas video in her feverish dreams last night.

She's doing much better this morning. :)

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