Ten on Tuesday

1. Lately when old pictures of Juliette pop up on the screensaver, we're invariably struck by how different she looks now. She is not a baby any more. This photo was taken a year ago, and she doesn't look like this anymore.2. We haven't taken too many pictures lately, but PhotoBooth captured this one I love. 3. I'm memorizing something for Easter Sunday. Memorization is not my strong suit. I had just gotten through explaining to Ben that the reason I struggle with memorization is that I can't memorize something while multitasking, and then I realized that I can: I can memorize on the Elliptical! I knocked out the first paragraph during a 25-minute blitz. I'm in for a lot of cardio between now and Easter morning.

4. One morning a couple weeks ago, Juliette did not want to take her monkey pajamas off. So Ben used fabric markers to make her a monkey t-shirt, tracing a Curious George monkey from a coloring book. Pretty nifty, eh? Of course Juliette refused to wear it for a couple weeks, but now she loves it. 5. Juliette has become a lazy bum. I'm thrilled. Gone are the days of her waking up screaming at five in the morning; now she tells me, "No, stay in bed, Mama!" at 7:15am. Niiiice. The time change helped, though it also means she's going to bed later. Oh well.

6. As a first step in my attempt to establish some sort of basic meal-planning practice, last night I wrote out a list of all the various things we eat for dinner on a semi-regular basis. Ben asked me why I was making the list, and I said, "So I can refer to it." He replied, "In conversations?"

I laughed.

7. I still have not finished the Great Nieces and Nephew Scarves Project of Christmas 2009. And it's not scarf season anymore. And the ones that are done won't fit next year. Fail.

8. I love Jamie Oliver and his ambitious Food Revolution so much that I've thought about it all week and ended up writing about it in the church newsletter this month.

9. I'm not a regular reader of Pioneer Woman, but I do love her cookbook, her writing style, and her story. I'm really excited to see Reese Witherspoon star in the Pioneer Woman movie.

10. Have a blessed Holy Week!

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