Ten on Tuesday

It's been a bumpy ride around here. Some great stuff, some not so great stuff.

1. We rented a house! It's a nice little two bedroom - two blocks from the train, four blocks to church.
2. We currently live in a nice medium-sized three bedroom. We have some downsizing to do - which we are mostly doing with relish. Too much stuff makes us both crazy. I'm a little nostalgic right now, though, because Ben just took his old word processor to the e-waste site. He wrote a lot of great poems on that thing.

3. My back went out on Friday. Ugh.

4. I discovered HGTV during my 48 hour back pain extravaganza. I didn't even know we had it; I never flip channels thanks to TiVo. I am capable of watching ungodly amounts of HGTV, and may just need to pretend that we don't have it. It did come in really handy when I was pinned to the couch.

5. Last Wed we had a textbook perfect day at Disneyland with Ben's family. Juliette did not have one single meltdown, which I consider a small miracle.

Oh, Family...

Even the Merry-Go-Round makes me queasy. I'm old...

On "It's a Small World After All"...

Watermelon at the Frontierland BBQ joint...

So convenient to have a kid who will nap anywhere...

Happy faces with Aunt Jennifer...

6. Sadly, the day at Disney might have been too much for Juliette. Her ear infection came back with a vengeance on Friday (i.e., same day my back went out... poor Ben). She coughed so much they checked for pneumonia. After a day of antibiotics and nebulizer treatments she's still coughing like crazy.

7. I had an absolutely wonderful surprise at church on Sunday morning: a visit from Allison and Anthony! Ben was in on it the whole time. They even sprung me out of the post-church bylaws meeting early (with the blessing of the lay leaders, who love A & A nearly as much as I do) and took me out to lunch at The Spot. We even have a crazy photo to show for it. I love Allison's interpretation of it.

8. We bought one-way tickets to the Midwest today.

9. If you had told me that there would ever be a chapter in my life in which I would listen to Lady Gaga and the Black Eyed Peas more than Over the Rhine, I would have laughed in your face. But I continue to be altogether obsessed with pop music these days. I think it's a stress reliever.

10. Charlie turns two on Friday, which means my sisters and I will all be mamas of two-year-olds. Wow.

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