How to Save $2000

A couple months ago I started thinking that I'd like to transition to some sort of electronic organizer/ PDA kind of gadget. I think I might have been meditating on my 8.5x11 denomination-issue calendar when the thought hit me; it's always scuzzy by midyear, but the added abuse by Juliette's insistence upon using it has a coloring book hasn't helped. I hesitate to spring it from my purse in polite company.

I soon found out that PDAs are all but obsolete these days, overtaken by smartphones.

Hmm. Smartphones. As someone who winces at twenty-five cent text messages and subscribes to the ascetic cell phone plan they pretend doesn't exist until you begin the process of quitting the network, the added cost of a data plan doesn't really appeal to me.

Of course, every time I've grilled an iPhone user lately, they all get the same glazed over look in their eyes as they profess their undying appreciation for how much it has improved their lives. I have no doubt that I would feel the same way, but again: Mint estimates that the total cost for an iPhone with a two-year contract is $2,206.92. Yowzer.

So I'm thinking... if only I could have the iPhone organizational apps minus the iPhone data plan... aha! That's called an iPod Touch. Sure, you have to carry two devices, and no, you don't have constant web access. Fine by me. I played with one the other day at the new MacMall by our house, and I think we could make beautiful music together. And the smallest memory version sells for under $200. That would be approximately $2000 less than the alternative.

(And yes, I know, I'm playing fast and furious with the math. I still have to take into consideration that we will continue to have some sort of budget cell phone plan. This is called JUSTIFICATION, people.)

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