Passion for Fashion

Juliette is turning into quite the fashionista.

Lily's skirt became a cutting edge hat, eh?
Tank top, stocking cap, one glove. This girl's got styling skills.
And a smile to match.
Her first visit to the salon went relatively well. She didn't like the water spritz.
She looks concerned about the haircut. I think I look like this in the salon chair sometimes, too.
Doesn't she seem terribly grown up??
Okay, so maybe her parents were responsible for this outfit. It's her Lola costume, skirt (and various hand-me-downs) courtesy of the Dillow girls.
I went through a bunch of baby clothes recently, and Juliette insisted on wearing a NEWBORN t-shirt she nabbed from the pile. I think Heidi Klum would question her taste level.
I didn't manage to take a good Easter portrait this year, but here's a clip from the all-church shot. She picked out her own dress, thankyouverymuch. I was showing her a black, white, and yellow bumblebee dress when she saw this pink number perched high on the Kohl's display. "That one," she said.
My sweet Juliette, pretty in pink.

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