Return to Racquetball

Ben was also able to join up at the local gym, thanks to the transferability of those golden tickets - Lara kindly sent hers along instead of claiming the $12. After dropping Juliette off at school we hightailed it to the racquetball court. It was interesting to learn what does and doesn't stick after a three+ year hiatus from my favorite sport.

Doesn't Stick
  • the rules - it took us 20 minutes just to remember the basics
  • the skills - gone are my mad backhand and corner shot skills
  • my inability to control the grunts and hollers that are involuntarily expelled from my being when trying to return a volley
  • my tendency to fling myself into the air and subsequently onto the ground when trying to return a volley
So basically I was a loud person thrashing around the court with no skills or strategy - but having loads of fun. I did manage to catch up toward the end; after all, it's been three years for Ben, too. He squeaked past for the win.

I guess I'm making meatballs for dinner.

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