The Vindication of a Pillowcase

That Target. Always zeroing in on my demographic with such precision I'm sure they've been reading my diary.

Like a lot of the ladies, I've been pining for all that gorgeous Liberty of London for Target stuff that's scattered throughout the store. Much of it has already been snapped up. It's just so darn cute.

Like these boots. How fun would puddle-splashing be in these?
And this canister. It makes me want to bake snickerdoodles (in my spare time...).
If this weren't polyester, I'd be all over it.
Oooh, cute quilt.
Take a closer look...
And that's when I start thinking these patterns seem very familiar.

Ah, yes. Right under my nose. The "ugly" pillowcase I snatched from my parents' linen closet when I left for my freshman year of college. (It's only right that I should be the one to inherit the random pillowcases; I'd bet good money that I'm the only Willis girl whose sheets don't presently match her pillowcases and blankets.)
And my ugly pillowcase is hereby completely vindicated. I even checked the label to make sure it wasn't vintage Liberty of London - nope. I googled the brand and immediately came up with a pink version on sale at Etsy for $8.75. Turns out we are just as hip as my parents were in the 1970s!

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