A Super * fantastic Evening

Last night I went to my friend Sara's incredibly cool apartment for dinner and music practice. I'd asked her to sing Carrie Newcomer's A Gathering of Spirits with me on Sunday. Little did I know we would be creating an arrangement that involves me playing the glockenspiel!

I cannot overstate how much fun I had last night. My abs were aching from laughter even before she let me play her authentic Italian accordion. Midway through my noodling, I realized that I was involuntarily swaying side to side like some sort of 30s polka master. Only... not.

Sara recorded one of our run-throughs. And even patched in a little bit of my soliloquy on the difference between nerds and geeks at the beginning. Be forewarned: I go completely off-key at the end, something I will try to remedy by Sunday.

There’s a gathering of spirits
There’s a festival of friends
And we’ll take up where we left off
When we all meet again.

Is this not the perfect song to sing on my last day of preaching at my church? And with a dear friend and collaborator. Thank you, Sara!

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