Fantasy To-Do List

In reality, my to-do list is currently cluttered with a seemingly endless number of moving-related tasks. Stuff that needs to be closed up or handed off at church, boxes to pack, addresses to update, and so on and so on. This is my fantasy list of things to do before we leave Southern California. The likelihood of any of them happening is woefully slim - even if I did have the next five weeks "off". That's why it's just a fantasy to-do list. Maybe I can shoot for one.

In no particular order...

1. Visit Allison & Anthony in San Jose
2. Rollerblade on the beach
3. Visit Catalina Island
4. Go hiking & camping in Yosemite
5. Go on a whale watching trip
6. Take Juliette to the Aquarium of the Pacific
7. Make one last pilgrimage to Amoeba Records
8. Worship at FCC Pomona
9. Eat at some fantastic five-star restaurant in LA
10. Get discovered

Ha. I'm not entirely sure what I would get discovered for. I think I secretly would love to write for a television series, though. Anyone out there want to give me a chance on a dramedy pilot? That, and I'm still waiting for KCRW to call me in to be the new night DJ.

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