Ten on Tuesday

1. We've decided we do not wish to haul our orange sectional couch across the country. Note to couch-shoppers: do not rush to select a couch in 15 minutes when one of the couch shoppers is incapacitated by a migraine headache. You might end up with an orange sectional couch. We like those nice Pottery Barn couches, but they are priced pretty steep. So we're going to check out the CB2 Movie Sofa - it's called the Movie Sofa because it's supposed to be really comfortable for curling up on to watch movies. That sounds like our kind of couch.

2. A couple weeks ago my Mama sent me a photo of me from my childhood; Gracie had seen it and noted that there may be a slight family resemblance going on. You be the judge.

3. Juliette is quite the fan of this game. For some reason, she doesn't call it riding a horse, or a wildebeast, but a cow. Hmm.
4. Last week I walked smack into a big yellow fire hydrant that was inexplicably placed in the middle of the sidewalk (at the CIVIC center, no less). I was walking westward at sunset with sunglasses on, glare galore, and completely didn't see it coming. Even on the way down I was confused as to what in the heck was happening. I have bruises all up and down my legs, especially my left knee, and my beloved Frye boots took a hit. It didn't tear, but there is a big dark gash where my right foot hit the hydrant. As it turns out, I think I would rather do wildly klutzy things unobserved instead of have people walk by exclaiming, "I SAW YOU FALL!!!" as I'm trying to regain a modicum of composure.

5. I did regain my composure in time for the big fashion show put on by the high school fashion club and hosted on a real runway at the civic center. One of my parishioners did an entire collection by herself - design, construction, styling, the whole nine yards of chiffon. It was, like, a million times cooler than Project Runway to see all these amazing pieces made by high school students. Amazing.

6. The coolest thing about my iPod/PDA so far? The fact that it downloads all the latest New York Times articles so that I can access them without a wifi connection.

7. Someone I know probably just smacked his forehead that I went from reading the LA Times to the New York Times. Just so long as he didn't accidentally ding himself with the large Russian watch on his wrist. That might hurt.

8. I had a really tough time writing my sermon last week, and ended up writing about something I wasn't sure was wise to do. I think it's Anna Carter Florence who talks about how sometimes you have to be willing to pull the rug out from underneath you. That's kind of what it felt like on Sunday. It ended up being just right, and was one of those times that has Holy Spirit written all over it. Of course, I'm going to be remembered as the weepy preacher, because I can't get through an entire sermon these days without tearing up.

9. Because next week is Pentecost and we're worshiping with the Korean congregation, and we're doing an anniversary hymn sing on June 6th, I have one more sermon to preach at SBCC.

Pardon me while I go get a box of tissues...

10. I saved the best for last: BEN FINISHED HIS SENIOR THESIS! I surprised him with dinner at a fancy restaurant last night to celebrate (which means not only two dates in two weeks, but also doubling up on my fantasy to do list about going to a swanky restaurant). The food was so-so, but that was sort of besides the point. Congratulations, my dear husband.

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