Ten on Tuesday

1. Juliette discovered old photo albums from a pile of things to be packed. One was our wedding album. She immediately pointed to Ben and identified him as Daddy, but it took her a second to recognize me... after all, I was platinum blond. When she figured it out, she pointed excitedly and said, "Mama Princess!!!" Is that not the sweetest possible compliment from a two-year-old girl?

2. We Skyped with Lila and her family for the first time last night. The girls just went bonkers... especially Juliette. I don't think I've ever seen her quite so wound up. She cackled, screamed, ran around in circles, and otherwise demonstrated that it doesn't matter that she hasn't seen Lila in four months, they are still besties. "It's my Lila!!!"

3. Ben got me my "PDA" (i.e., iPod Touch) for Mother's Day. I'm trying to track down a good to-do app, as I learned the hard way that if you add things to the iGoogle to-do list when you don't have an internet connection, instead of adding them to the list when you get a connection, it will delete them all. Awesome. Other than that snafu, it's been great.

4. We went on a wonderful date last Thursday night - our first since January. Dinner at a fancy schmancy Mexican restaurant in Manhattan Beach (great enough to satisfy #9 on my fantasy to-do list). I had mesquite-grilled pork in peach tamarindo sauce, red pepper polenta, and braised kale. There are no words for how good it all was. Yummmm.

5. One of my vivid memories from childhood was having to go to a childcare room while my Mama went to an event for girl scout leaders. I was probably in the room for all of two hours, but I hated it. (Just like I hated school in general for years and years.) I wanted my Mama. Well, fundamental difference between J and me. I've taken her to the gym childcare room twice now, and yesterday she was practically begging me to hurry up and leave so she could go "play with the kids." She has a great time, even though I spend the whole hour fretting that she must be completely freaking out. Of course, she's delighted when I walk back in the room.

6. I have always had a special place in my heart for Betty White, who looks so much like my beloved Grandma Watson that when I was little I thought they might be the same person. I haven't seen all of SNL yet because I fell asleep while it was on (not on Saturday night at midnight, but on Monday night at 9:30).

7. In 2002, I got married and moved across the country three weeks later. Planning wedding stuff and moving stuff all at the same time was, shall we say, moderately stressful. Now I'm in the midst of planning 100th anniversary stuff and moving stuff all at the same time. It is, shall we say, moderately stressful. And instead of three weeks, we have more like three days in between.

8. Ack.

9. We canceled our subscription to the LA Times. I miss it, but I'm pretty sure I miss the heyday version we read in seminary, not the gutted version with more advertisements than content we've been reading for the past couple years. Still, it's strange to have to make a decision what to read during breakfast.

10. When I pick up Juliette after school, just as we're about to leave, she turns around by the door and shouts, "Bye friends!!!"

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