Ten on Tuesday: Collegeville Edition

1. I'm up the road at the St. John's University Library for the moment, because the internet is out down at the Collegeville Institute. That's probably a good thing... though I still don't like it.

2. I woke up at 6:15 this morning and went running for about 50 minutes with two much more serious runners than myself. One has done three marathons. They were really nice about helping me keep up. I love to have run enough to power through how much I don't like running. Good company and glorious landscape makes it a little easier, at least.

3. I also love to have written, more than I actually like writing. Thankfully, I've written quite a bit so far. I started a new chapter this morning and aim to have a first draft by this time tomorrow.

4. My new Senior Pastor called to check in yesterday - just to see how things were going. He's been very supportive of my writing, and it was just another reminder of how glad I am to beginning a new call with such a wonderfully collaborative staff.

5. I miss Ben and Juliette a lot. I talked to Juliette briefly today, but she was having a tantrum about having to wear a shirt so it wasn't the greatest phone call ever. Maybe we'll try again later.

6. At the airport, I considered buying Utne Reader (tres Minnesota!) or Real Simple before I settled on The Oprah Magazine, in part because it was the cheapest and in part because I almost always love reading it. Well, I nearly threw it across the room when one of the articles encouraged the reader to "hold as self-evident your right to ignore memoirs by people who have barely cracked their 30s." Hmph.

7. I loaded a lot of albums by The Innocence Mission onto my iPod, and they've been a perfect soundtrack to a week in Roman Catholic territory.

8. Andrea is coming to see me this week. Oh, how I love Andrea. I'm hoping she also brings Alan, as he is markedly great, too.

9. I'm reading Summerland by Michael Chabon, because I thought it would be good to read something totally out of my genre while I'm here. It's fantastic, and definitely out of my genre. It's a fantasy book about baseball. But almost painfully well-written. I need to read more Michael Chabon.

10. I also brought along a copy of Old Friend from Far Away, a book about memoirs by Natalie Goldberg, and I've picked it up a couple times when I'm stuck or need a break. The chapter I read this morning claimed that the best (only?) writing advice you really need is this: shut up and write. Okay, back to it.

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