Seven on Sunday

1. While I was in Collegeville, I finished almost three drafts of chapters for my book. I also re-wrapped my mind around the project after many months of leaving it to simmer, unattended, on the back burner. Let's just say I have a LOT to do between now and the deadline. Unnumbered blog posts may be as rare as they were in the first months after Juliette was born.

2. I'm officially part of a writing group for the first time in a very long time. It's so exciting.

3. This morning after worship, the Mission and Outreach committee hosted coffee hour. They made root beer floats. I am wildly fond of root beer floats.

4. Our landlord provided us with a lawn mower, but it was a little old and smoky for comfort. We considered investing in an electric mower, but since we're unlikely to have a large yard anytime in the near future, Ben picked out a Husqvarna push-reel mower. It is such a lovely little piece of equipment, and not at all difficult to use. I had never really mowed a lawn before, as people always seem to be worried that I'll get hurt if I do so, but I successfully cut the front lawn without incident. I like that we've gone from having a gardener at the parsonage to powering our own mower. :)

5. My little gargoyle loves his new post.6. The Innocence Mission has a new album called My Room in the Trees. Such gentle beauty.

7. We checked Pollyanna out at the library last week. I remembered having liked it as a kid, but this time around I loved it.

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