Shoes, Replaced

In October 2006, I bought two pairs of Naturalizers that I have since worn every Sunday and on many days between. The black ones are still in reasonably good shape, but the brown ones had gotten pretty ratty. Last Sunday morning one of the heels broke right before church, so I had to wear the sandals I'd worn to walk to work during worship. Replacements were needed, pronto.

At first I was unimpressed with the Naturalizers selection at Zappos, but then I tried their site... major sale, huge selection. I bought no fewer than three pairs. With a coupon code I uncovered online, the total was about $100. If they last as long and wear as comfortably as the first pairs did, I'm going to send Naturalizers a hand-written thank you note.

The goods:
Not to put a damper on what would otherwise be a simple post about cute shoes... but as I scanned through the archives to find that original shoe post, I realized that I bought those shoes just a couple weeks after Deacon died. How is it possible that I've walked so many miles without that beloved dog?

You just never stop missing a good dog.

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