Ten on Tuesday: Happy 30th Birthday/ 8th Anniversary Edition

1. I'm thirty years old! I've decided that I love the number 30. Ben told me first thing this morning that it's the sum of the first four squares, making it a square pyramidal number. (He'd been on Wikipedia.)

2. Ben and I have been married for eight years. (Happy Anniversary, dear husband.) I didn't manage to write his annual Father's Day One Act Play, so I wrote one for our anniversary. We read the script over lunch at Knead, a sweet little bakery in the next village over. That is one tradition worth keeping.

3. I celebrated my last day of being 29 with a trip to the gym, and my first day of being 30 with... a trip to the gym. Ironically, I have joined a local franchise of the gym that got (rightfully) sued for shady membership practices. I swore I would never give them another cent, but it's an amazing gym - waaaay nicer than the one in CA - and I'm paying significantly less. Water under the bridge. That little 45-day class action mandated pass was such a reminder that I am way healthier and happier when I BUST IT at the gym on a very regular basis.

4. My parents came to visit last weekend for my first preaching date at the new church. The bonus was that we got to celebrate both my 30th and my father's 70th birthdays, as they are a week apart. Happy Birthday *D* & KEWP.
5. You see that plant peeking over my father's right shoulder? I'm going to have to take a proper photograph of it in the light of day. M & D brought it from Ohio. It was a wedding gift from my friend Kara. We never could figure out how to get it all the way to California, so my parents have taken care of it all this time. It's about six feet long and has apparently parented a number of offshoot plants. It's so cool to finally have it in our own home.

6. Sunday went swimmingly... an apt description since I preached about baptism. I preach again this Sunday, and it will be about Communion. I'm talking about the divergences between the United Church of Christ and the Disciples of Christ traditions. After worship the search committee hosted a little celebration, complete with birthday cupcakes. The two best compliments I heard all day: the semi-retired minister of congregational care telling me that I belong here, and someone joking that the search committee was out on the lawn doing chest bumps. Tee hee.

7. Although they were not birthday gifts, the chairs for my church study were constructed today. They are too cute.
8. Facebook does have a way of making birthdays that much more fun. I got so many greetings from all sorts of people.

9. One more Sunday anecdote: Juliette experienced her first children's sermon. She wandered away twice, while all the other kids were sitting quietly. The first time she came over and gave me a hug, which was of course cute. And the second time she made a beeline for the pulpit, which is several steps up off the ground (great for fire and brimstone sermons!). I had to go up after her. Much laughter ensued.

10. Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me!

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