Ten on Tuesday

1. Juliette helped me make a blueberry-peach pie from scratch the other day. In a fit of inspiration, I marked it with a *J*. Sadly, Juliette refused to even try the pie. When I gave her a piece, she asked for cake or cookies instead. As if! Oh well... more for us. It was reaaally good, and I now know that all-butter pie crusts are my favorite kind.
2. Juliette is also helping with dinner a lot these days; last night, she "painted" olive oil onto the to-be-grilled eggplant. She's helped here and there before, but I'm on a new kick to make sure she's included on a regular basis. Last week Mary Allison ran a great interview with our mutual friend Maria Bergius Krämer. In the interview, Maria mentioned "the Swedish controversial mothering guru" Anna Wahlgren. I followed that link (because really? I am incapable of resisting the siren call that is "Swedish controversial mothering guru"), and ended up reading an article she wrote about how crucial it is for children to feel helpful. She connects it with the importance of "social sharing" as well as a critique about how contemporary culture prohibits social sharing across generations. I'd quote directly from the article, but her English-language site is down. Maria must have sent her a lot of American traffic.

3. This is now on my to-read list.
4. I'm pretty sure I finally surpassed the three mile mark on my morning run today. I have a running partner for the first time in a long time, and it makes all the difference. Thanks to thrice-weekly neighborhood runs, I'm not using my gym membership as much as I should these days... but I'm sure that will change once the winter comes along.

5. Fine. I'll admit it. I miss the ocean. I glanced at this picture while scanning through iPhoto, and was surprised by how my heart leaped.

6. I do not miss the smog.

7. Check out our living room, now that we've mostly settled into it. We nabbed the green wool rug at the Crate and Barrel Outlet last weekend. I think I need to more artfully arrange the stuff on the hutch.

8. Speaking of the Crate and Barrel Outlet, it is adjacent to a Land of Nod Outlet. I will not be afraid to use that as a big juicy carrot to lure my sisters here for visits.

9. I need lessons on how to take good jumping photos so as to better capture Juliette's favorite game: launching herself from Ben's tummy.
Here, the flash helps. [Please note that the windows are only that filthy because the brick in our rental is being rehabbed.]

10. The Long Surrender, the new Over the Rhine album produced by Joe Henry, comes out 1/11/11. The countdown begins.

Happy Tuesday!

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