What Juliette is Like

Juliette is, in a word, friendly.

In a few more words, she is social, outgoing, extroverted, gregarious, convivial. Pretty much any synonym for "not shy" you can come up with.

When she sees another kid, she turns to us and exclaims, "My friend! That's my friend!" She is also likely to boisterously inform her new friend, "You're my friend!" Not every child is copacetic with such an in-your-face approach to social networking. Sometimes we have to usher her away from a completely overwhelmed toddler.

Tonight we were at the ice cream shop (to make up for the inexplicable lack of ice cream during our weekend getaway) and we ran into a church member. In the course of conversation, we mentioned why we'd left a church outing to a baseball game rather quickly: Juliette had wanted to sit next to a little girl, but the girl got a little freaked out and started to cry. Juliette had been on edge and thus descended into a massive temper tantrum when we dared separate her from HER FRIEND!!! It just seemed best to call it a night and not risk further terrorizing small children with our small child's large need for fraternization. As we were explaining, we overheard Juliette introducing herself to a baby.

If that weren't enough, as we exited the shop, three big kids - maybe six- or seven-year olds - were seated outside on the bench.

She says to them, and I quote: "Hi guys!"

(Unrelated but cute photo. It was a little tricky to get a shot of Juliette in front of the Willis Tower on our recent trip downtown without standing in the middle of Wacker Dr... so it's the Willis Tow Head shot. Probably taken on the same day [in the same hour?] as the shot of my parents and Elizabeth in front of the Willis sign in Wyoming...)

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