Ten on Tuesday

1. My parents came for my Installation a couple weeks ago. I really love this picture. Ben looks so handsome in his new suit, doesn't he? My dad got a new (velour) sport coat for the occasion, my mom is wearing her Allison Sattinger necklace, and Juliette is in a hand-me-down Laura Ashley dress.2. We experimented with pigtails this afternoon. I'm a fan.

3. It never ceases to entertain me to ask Juliette to give me a dirty look. Maybe when she starts giving them uninvited they will not make me giggle so much.
4. I read this book for the children's message on Sunday. Who told me about Sandy Eisenberg Sasso? Mary Allison? This is the only one I have, but if they are all as good as this they will be worth their weight in, um, board books.
5. I just finished Take this Bread by Sara Miles. I don't know why I dragged my feet about reading that book; for some reason, I thought it was going to be very different than it was. I didn't expect it to be so beautiful or so challenging. It's one of those books I would put in the same category as Traveling Mercies - the kind that everyone should read, but perhaps especially people who are skeptical of Christians/Christianity. Thanks so much to Melanie at Lit*Chick for passing it along (coincidentally, on the same day I'd heard a passage read aloud along with a big recommendation).

6. The Race for the Cure was on Saturday. I'd taken a week off of running thanks to a cold, and man, did that time on the bench not serve me well. I thought I was going to run it comfortably, if slowly. I ended up struggling through the whole thing. The results were posted today and I finished... drumroll... 850th out of just over 1000. The best part, other than the hundreds of thousands of dollars raised for breast cancer research, was seeing Ben and Juliette cheering along the route.

7. Unfortunately, I've been hobbling ever since. I can't bear any weight on the arch of my left foot without wincing mightily. High heels actually feel better than my Danskos, as the arch support is torturous. I'm really, really hopeful I just overworked the muscles and it isn't the dreaded stress fracture. Pretty please don't let it be the dreaded stress fracture.

8. I am tired of all these aches and pains. First my back, then my wrist, now my foot. The wrist thing isn't even resolved; first I was told we should do an MRI because the smallest cysts could cause significant pain, and then, after the expensive MRI, I was told that the cyst was too small to cause pain. Uh, thanks.

9. A couple weeks ago, one of my colleagues at church donated this swingset to our family. We've already spent many, many joyful hours out there. Tonight I made Juliette laugh hysterically by letting her baby doll swing on one of the rings and go down the slide.

10. All the Southern Californians are talking about 100 degree weather. Meanwhile, it's beginning to feel a lot like fall in Illinois. Or rather, it's beginning to feel a lot like February in Los Angeles, only it's only September. I should probably start panicking about now.

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