Ten on Tuesday

1. It took Ben an hour and forty minutes to get home from work last night. He's hopeful he can find a better route, but driving thirty miles in the Chicago area during rush hour can realistically only get incrementally better.

2. It really is a fantastic job. Really.

3. Cue I Will Survive.

4. The new job necessitated a second car. Hello, Honda Fit:
We did a lot of research, and are pretty confident that it's going to be a great car. We intended to test drive a Fiesta, but the inexplicably rude salesman failed to counterbalance the loads of previous bad experience we've had with Ford. So the only other car we tested was a Mazda 2. In green. Is this thing not adorable? (Keep in mind that it is tiny.)
Sadly, it felt like a coffin inside. A cheap, tiny coffin. Somehow the Honda manages to be a subcompact without feeling like one on the inside.

5. Clearly, we have a thing for hatchbacks. Blame the Tercel, which, in my mind, is the quintessential car that every other car merely approximates.

6. I'm reading The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan. Something about the way she writes - and, of course, what she writes about - evokes so many tears from me it's almost ridiculous. Same thing with Lift. I read every sentence with a knot in my throat. Ben went to go get a snack the other night, and I had tears streaming down my cheeks by the time he got back.

7. Juliette is doing well in school, though drop-offs are still tearful for both the mama and the kid.

8. Kudos to the local Honda dealership for providing free WiFi, as it gave me something to do during the long wait for our turn in the business office. I was scrolling through Facebook, and just as I was about to leave some comment regarding the excellence of GoogleReader, our name got called. I ended up accidentally leaving a comment that read Goo. How to look crazy on Facebook, exhibit A.

9. My sympathies to the people who are scrambling to find a replacement for Bloglines, which is shutting down shop at the end of this month. Having jumped ship a year or so ago, I assure you that you really will learn to love GoogleReader, too. Possibly even more.

10. Last but definitely not least... I was formally installed as the Associate Minister this weekend. It was a beautiful service, complete with many of my favorite hymns and anthems, the presence of both the UCC conference minister and the DoC regional minister, a moving sermon and liturgy, a "View" style interview during the children's message (it went over SUPER well when I 'fessed to liking Barbies and Hot Wheels as a kid), and a lovely arrangement of the hymn I wrote for the worship service I lead for the search committee. I'd added another verse to reflect the fulfillment of our discernment together:

When at last our feet find pathways lit by your sovereign design
Hand in hand we journey forward, hearts and hopes fully aligned.
What a joy it is to trust you! What a grace we now perceive!
Let us sing of all the blessings we are grateful to receive!

You can hear the whole thing here, if you like. There's a little bit of silence and clapping at the beginning.

Happy Tuesday.

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