Meet Millie

Yesterday I stopped downtown to buy some sage. (Cooking sage, not hippie sage, for the record. Most of the spices did not make the cross country move cut.) I was feeling pretty fine since I'd had two good writing days in a row (booyah - sermon for Sunday has already been printed), so I popped into one of the cute boutiques on the way. I found a great little gift for A.L.Z., and when I was paying for it I noticed a very adorable Halloween witch behind the counter. As it turned out, she was 50% off. I couldn't resist. I was literally grinning as I paid for her.
We named her Millie.Even though she is more Halloweenish than the original, the reason she makes me so happy is she reminds me of our Grandma Watson's kitchen witch, who currently flies in the corner of my parents' kitchen. Kitchen witches are a Scandinavian and German tradition; they are supposed to ward off kitchen mishaps.
(photo credit: Marie's 2009 photo-a-day)

Millie will likely be an October-only presence. Though if the food starts tasting better - and if Juliette keeps cheerfully saying "Hi, Millie!" when we walk in the house - it will be hard to put her away for the season.

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