1. I'm on study leave this week to work on my book. So far I have completed a new chapter draft, met with my wonderful writing group, and had a minor meltdown about the whole project. Seems about right.

2. Juliette and I stopped at the store before preschool to buy flour. Even though she does a lot of baking, she immediately headed for the flowers. I couldn't resist the sweetness of buying flour and flowers, so that's what we did. Reminds me of the Stranger than Fiction scene where Will Ferrell brings flours to Maggie Gyllenhal.

3. Today I am wearing leggings for the first time since 1989.

4. I ran yesterday for the first time since I hurt my foot in the 10k. No more pain! And it felt so good to run. That said, I'm keeping it to under 5 miles.

Alrighty, time to write.

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