Ten on Thursday

1. The situation with Ben's commute is getting a little easier - he leaves super early in the morning, but that keeps the drive to an even hour. He finished a Nick Hornby book-on-CD last week and started listening to The Historian this week, so he's even enjoying the time more. Juliette and I are getting into the swing of our new schedule, though we both miss the third person of our triumvirate.

2. Sadly, the 6:20am departure time makes running in the morning a lot trickier. But I wouldn't be running anyway, as my foot still hurts from the 10k race. I'm trying to make up for it by swimming and biking at the gym, but I'm surprised by how very much I miss running. I miss the company, I miss the endorphins, I even miss... the actual running.

3. On Sunday after worship, we headed out to the country for a Foods Resource Bank harvest celebration. It was so much fun. Juliette loved petting the goats and chickens, as well as her first ride in the back of a pickup. The pickup took us to the combine rides. We hopped on for one jaunt around the field. It's like magic, the way the combine collects all the corn kernels and leaves the rest on the ground to compost.Juliette was absolutely mesmerized.
Cowboy boots are not the best footgear on very narrow and slippery metal ladders. Thankfully I did not tumble.

4. Fidelia's Sisters has been better than ever lately. I hope that's not because I'm off the editorial team. :)

5. Juliette has known that a PBS television version of The Cat in the Hat exists for awhile lately, but we're not usually around to watch TV at 8:30am on weekdays. We were running late today and I needed a few uninterrupted moments to get ready, so she got to watch the first segment. She was absolutely beside herself she loved it so much. I, on the other hand, was a little agitated by it. They made it all educational and pbssey. The beauty of Dr. Seuss, whose books are among my very favorites to read aloud, is that 99% of the time they are a silly celebration of the English language. Every so often there's a message about the dangers of nuclear proliferation or environmental destruction woven into the rhymes, but not in a Now It's Time For A Lesson kind of way. It's just part of the worldview, the water in which the Seussfish swim. The PBS version clearly had an agenda: teach children about nocturnal animals. Fine. I guess Juliette can learn about bats during her morning TV fix if she must. Hmph.

6. We are going to a Derek Webb and Sandra McCracken concert this weekend. If it's really good, we may have to go back again next month when they return to do a show with Donald Miller.

7. Next week I am on study/writing leave. I'm really hopeful it's going to be productive, because I need to start cranking out chapters at a Kerouaclike pace. That said, unlike in Collegeville, I will still be required to cook, drive, and keep house.

8. When I lived in Ohio, I was always ambivalent about autumn because it meant that summer was over and winter was coming. I am in love with this season. Maybe it's because I'm glad the days of ninety degree temperatures and unbearable humidity are over. Maybe it's because I forget just what we're in for when the winter descends. Or maybe it's just because the air is crisp, the leaves are brilliant, and the soup is on.

9. Juliette still fits into her ladybug costume, if you use the word "fits" somewhat loosely. Would it be totally wrong to make her be the same thing for THREE Halloweens in a row?

10. Russell Rathbun, aka Debbie Blue's colleague at House of Mercy, has a new and wonderful lectionary website called The Hardest Question. I realize that now that I'm not preaching weekly, I need something to fill the hole where that structured bible study used to be. I've been reading this every week for the last couple weeks and it's great.

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